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Urethane Coatings Monothane 45 – High Gloss

Urethane Coatings Monothane 45 – High Gloss




  1. May be used for interior coating of all timber species, cork, particle board and concrete.
  2. Can be applied over timberseal or duothane fast a/ duothane part a and duothane part b.
  3. Compatible with monothane hs 50 gloss, monothane 44 gloss & monothane low sheens

10m² per litre. urethane coatings thinners may be added if monothane has thickened, or if a higher coverage and a thinner coat is required.

nb : do not use monothane 45 gloss at temperatures below 10°c or above 30°c. on cold days, during the final floor preparation, wrap the drum in an electric blanket set on ‘1’ (low heat) or place the drum in a tub of hot water and operate building heating, (air conditioning or portable oil filled radiator type heaters are ideal. any type of heating with a naked flame or with very hot surfaces are not recommended). turn heating off prior to application of coatings.

  1. Apply with a mohair roller, lamb’s wool applicator or brush, allow 4-6 hours to dry.  do not return unused material to the can.  new cork and timber floors will need 3 and 2 coats respectively, sand with 150 mesh screenback between coats.
  2. Thoroughly clean the mohair roller, lamb’s wool applicator or brush in urethane coatings cleaning solvent.  dry all equipment before using.
  3. Urethane coatings catalyst may be added to the first coat of monothane to accelerate curing.



This product is guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for a period of one year, form the date of original purchase. Fair wear and tear excepted, warranty does not apply for consumable parts or products.